Have a good morning

Secrets (to share)

It’s our life, the one we don’t talk about, or not much, or so with a very select circle. It could look like a sex affair. And that is what some would like to believe. Because polyamory, threesomes, male bisexuality, these are myths. Nothing else. Nothing else ? Really ?

It’s just our life, the one we want to talk about with a circle of curious people only. Our hidden and shared life -without shame- with our lovers who are also discreet. A life of pleasure, enjoyment and carelessness, for an evening, a day, a weekend, or several years. Joyful friendships with no taboo.

It’s our life, and we believe it may inspire desire, whet the appetite, arouse envy, question standards or morality.

It’s our life, our lived moments, photographed sometimes with a mobile phone, sometimes with a camera, always with fun. We want to keep records, to remember, to testify. So we archive nothing. We show almost everything, a little out of activism, a little out of joke, a little in snub to the hetero-norm, to the patriarchy, to the injunction to the couple. And above all, it is to sublimate the present moment, the pleasure, and the sharing.
We expose ourselves. No s is missing here. We expose ourselves, because what is not made visible does not exist. And this can’t be this way anymore.

Certaines oeuvres de ce portfolio avec d’autres de le collection “Censored” ont fait partie de l’exposition “Une histore invisible” au Secret de juillet à octobre 2020, puis à la Galerie Concorde lors d’une exposition collective « Photomania » de Octobre à Novembre 2021.