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It’s their life, the one we don’t talk about much, or not at all, except with a very select circle. It might resemble a secret affair, and that’s what some would prefer to believe. Because concepts like polyamory, threesomes, and male bisexuality are often dismissed as mere myths.

But it’s simply their life – one that we only discuss with a circle of curious individuals. Their concealed and shared life, free from shame, involves lovers who also value discretion. It’s a life of pleasure, enjoyment, and carefree moments, whether it’s for an evening, a day, a weekend, or even several years. These are joyous friendships without any taboos.

It’s their life, and they think it has the potential to inspire desire, stimulate appetites, provoke envy, and challenge societal norms or moral standards.

It’s their life, a collection of moments they’re actively living and capturing with a sense of fun – documenting for the records, to bear witness, to elevate the present moment, revel in pleasure, and embrace the act of sharing.

This is the hidden life of those whose faces you’ll never see.
It could be your life.
It’s ours.

Certaines oeuvres de ce portfolio avec d’autres de le collection “Censored” ont fait partie de l’exposition “Une histore invisible” au Secret de juillet à octobre 2020, puis à la Galerie Concorde lors d’une exposition collective « Photomania » de Octobre à Novembre 2021.