Porte Jarretelle, une photo de la Collection "Les mains (Lâcher Prise)", par Les Chevaliers Photographes


Hands embody the deep connection between human beings. They are a universal language that can be understood and felt by all. Transcending cultural barriers, they are a symbol of authenticity, whether gentle or rough, delicate or strong. They are a tangible manifestation of our essence and intimacy.

Hands, messengers of sexual pleasure, Guardians of the most intimate secrets, Carriers of our desires, Hands tell without reservation, hand on heart, happy hand, hand games, naughty hand games.

With a gesture of the hand, uninhibited, wandering or caressing, soothing, and generous; With a firm hand, an iron hand, a velvet glove, taking charge, hand on heart, on the butt, wherever the hand finds itself, gets lost, surprises. The hand clenched, restrained, tied, endearing, taking pleasure, nothing stops it. With a raised hand, the hand claps, the hand caresses, the hand tightens, strong, very strong, releases, inspires… breathes. And with a backhand, everything starts again.

Hands unite, in unison, as accomplices, hand in hand, when the tongue explores, they tense up, hold on, cling. And when bodies ignite, hands either paralyze or go wild, lose control, know nothing anymore, let go, dominate, submit, merge…

And only then, at the fingertips, the sensation of a shiver.