We, Chevaliers Photographes, advocate for a different perspective on sexuality that recognizes its richness and diversity. We aim to encourage a positive vision of sexuality, viewing it as a source of pleasure, well-being, and personal growth.

We reject any form of moralism that seeks to limit our freedom of expression and dictate what is deemed ‘acceptable’ or ‘unacceptable’ to portray. We defend the idea that freedom of expression is essential for creating a fulfilling and open-minded society. It is through sharing our experiences and learning from one another that we can grow as individuals and as a society. Therefore, we believe that freedom of expression in the realm of sexuality is also a crucial element of human freedom, personal fulfillment, and connection with others.

We challenge the notion that certain pleasures should be considered ‘bad’ or ‘sinful.’ We believe that everyone should be free to determine and uphold their own values and moral standards without facing societal or religious pressure. Similarly, we reject any form of stigmatization, discrimination, or repression related to sexuality, whether based on sexual orientation, gender identity, body, disability, or any other characteristic.

We demand an end to the repression of sexual expression and the celebration of all forms of sexual expression, as long as they are practiced with mutual respect, open and honest communication, and consent freely given, informed, specific, reversible, and enthusiastic, taking into account the well-being of all partners and ensuring that no physical or emotional harm is inflicted upon any partner.

Furthermore, we reject the commercial exploitation of bodies and pornography that does not respect the informed consent of all parties involved. We believe that these practices reduce sexuality to a consumable object and reinforce sexist and racist stereotypes. We call for strict regulations to protect individuals from these harmful practices.

We firmly assert the importance of protecting children in the realm of sexuality. We recognize that sexual freedom of expression must be exercised responsibly and with respect for the rights of children. We support age-appropriate and respectful sexual education that informs them adequately while guaranteeing their safety, well-being, and innocence.

We now aim to reclaim a positive semantic for sexuality and categorically refute the idea that it is dirty, degrading, humiliating, or synonymous with depravity. We affirm that sexuality is a natural expression of our humanity and can be experienced in a healthy, respectful, and fulfilling manner. We reject any form of moral judgment that seeks to demonize sexuality and commit to promoting a balanced and empowering perception of this fundamental aspect of our existence. By recognizing and celebrating the diversity of sexual expressions, we aspire to create a culture where sexuality is experienced with respect, joy, and mutual fulfillment.

We call upon all individuals to join us in the fight for freedom of expression and the recognition of all the pleasures that life offers us. By working together, we can create a more tolerant, open-minded, and fulfilling society for everyone.

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