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for a Positive and Liberated Vision of Sexuality



In a few words

Another world is possible, open to intimacy with kindness, tenderness, and poetry. In this parallel universe, prejudices are swept away by genuine curiosity. Differences, far from being obstacles, become sources of enrichment and celebration. Everyone feels free to be authentic, to reveal themselves as they are, without masks or artifice. This world transcends the borders that separate us.

Thus, starting with nudity as a starting point, the Knight Photographers capture the moments they experience, the emotions that flow through them, sometimes play with the codes of staging, live and share another way of experiencing the world. They claim the present, tenderness, passion, question taboos, social conventions, prejudices, our society.

Latest news

Secret Project, selected for the Merlinka Queer Europe Photo Exhibition – Edition 2022 (2 photos)

The Hands Project, selected for the Love And Sex Festival, Namur – Edition 2022

Kataclysm_e project selected for the Festival Emoi Photographiques à Angoulême – Edition 2022

Photo “Le Mont Fuji” – Honorable Mention at the HD Awards 2022 & selected for the Photo.fr 2022

Collective Exhibtion at the Galerie Concorde 2021. 12 œuvres présentées parmi les collections “Secret” et “Censored”.

Secret Restaurat – “Un invisible story ” – 2020.

Included in the Lusted Men – March 2020