When a Dino Meets His Unicorn

Color and a bit of poetry, good humor and a story for grown-ups, nothing more. A bubble of fresh air in a icy country.

It’s a bit of a fairy tale, with no prince charming or princess. What good is it? Everyone now knows that princes and princesses don’t exist. On the other hand, unicorns and dinosaurs, ultimately, we can no longer be so sure…

That’s true. Maybe there’s a friendly dinosaur out there, lonely, wandering around, looking for some color in its life. What if in this same place, there was a unicorn, alone, wandering, looking for a nice companion to go with?

What if they lived in hiding, to make sure not to be chased, singled out, harassed?

It’s a very simple story. The improbable friendship of two beings that everything brings together in their differences; their infectious joy at being reunited; the pleasure of a little cuddly warmth; the shared desire to go a long way together: it will surely be shorter for two, and the forest will surely be more welcoming.

Together, what they share will remain unknown to all.

Some will tell you that it is not possible.

A lot of poetry and a bit of truth. On the fringes of everything else and the tumult of our lives, there are always sweet stories. And walking in the forest or elsewhere, maybe you will see a dinosaur and a unicorn.

But shh, don’t tell anyone.

Either way, no one will believe you.