Carte postale, une photo de la collection "Performance" par Les Chevaliers Photographes.

K.O. – Knights Out

Knights Out (K.O. – Forbidden Nudity) – is a daring exploration of an alternative world. It is an attempt to reclaim nature, the city, and human creations. In public spaces, the naked body is suppressed, forbidden. Building upon this realization, which contradicts our human nature, we aspire to do justice to the body by highlighting it through photography, where morality strives to conceal it – even on most beaches.

Thus, we become Clandestine Knights, operating in secret, day and night, always shielded from prying eyes. The proposition of another world, the imagination of a different reality, and the exploration of new possibilities become a performance in itself. Our goal is to restore the body to its rightful place, its power, and its freedom, whether it be at the heart of the city, in the midst of nature, or within places of worship, elusive to all. All the photos must be taken – and indeed are taken – without ever being seen, in places where nudity is prohibited.

This endeavor prompts reflection on the value we attribute to our bodies, on what we consider as intimate, or what is imposed upon us as pertaining to the intimate. Whether in nature, the city, or sacred places, photographed nudity evokes sympathy, questioning, or indignation in turn. Yet, on what criteria can we decide that nudity has no place, given that in all the presented photos, it was forbidden? Similarly, which part of the body, male or female, is considered more acceptable?

While some may interpret our approach as provocative, this series finds its justification in a profound desire for advocacy: to show, to expose bodies. Thus, we oppose dogmas, whether they are moral, social, or religious. By remaining in constant connection with nature, engaging in dialogue with it, as demonstrated in “kataclysm_e,” we aspire to restore its place, this time through the naked body, while everything is done to restrain, tame, and erase it from our field of vision.