(Tender) Interlude

(Tender) Interlude

And tomorrow will be tenderness” by Les Chevaliers Photographes

Tenderness may perhaps be our last and only refuge in an increasingly complex, impersonal society, where technology and virtuality sometimes seem to overshadow our deeper nature, where individualism and the frenzy of likes replace the tangible. Tenderness will be our lifebuoy, what remains even in an environment marked by the violence and conflicts everywhere. It will retain its age-old power to temporarily erase the scars of the world’s violence; it will be the undeniable manifestation of what unites us.

Tenderness will be our silent comfort, a balm to soothe the ravages inflicted by the whims of a tumultuous nature. It will be our inner strength to overcome trials, natural disasters, and climate change. It will be the gentleness that inspires us to take care of ourselves and others and restore what has been damaged.

Tenderness will be our strength, our salvation, our silent cry against indifference and cruelty. It will stand against solitude and isolation, transcend cultural barriers, linguistic differences, and geographical boundaries. It will weave bonds where policies have separated us, where machines have molded us through algorithms and censorship.

Tenderness will be our exclusive, reserved sanctuary. It will mend our fractures, be our haven of peace in the midst of the storm, our most precious treasure in this new world order.

With ‘And tomorrow will be tenderness,’ we present a series of photographs as an ode to intimacy, to the understanding between bodies, to peace, and the source of our common strength. Our photographic project captures the moment in all its simplicity and sincerity, without artifice or staging, which we wish to share with the world. It is a statement, a political act in itself, an affirmation that can inspire each and every one of us, because tenderness represents the most universal aspect of humanity.