And tomorrow will be tenderness

And tomorrow will be tenderness

Perhaps tenderness will be their last and only refuge, their lifeline. What will remain for them.
It will have retained its ancient power to temporarily erase the scars of all the violence they have experienced.
It will be the inalienable manifestation of what unites them.

Their silent comfort, a soothing balm for them to repair what has been damaged.
It will be their inner strength.
It will be inspiring.

Tenderness will be their strength, their salvation, their silent cry.

It will be a bulwark against loneliness and isolation,
It will transcend cultural barriers and language differences.
It will weave links where politics has separated us, where machines have formatted us with algorithms and censorship.
algorithms and censorship.
It will be a demand. A political act. A demand.

With ‘And e’ we present a series of photographs as a hymn to intimacy, to the understanding between bodies, to peace and to the source of our common strength. Our photographic project captures the moment in all its simplicity and sincerity, without artifice or staging, and we want to share it with the world. It’s a statement, an affirmation that can inspire each and every one of us, because tenderness represents what is most universal in humanity.