69 – Censored

Work in progress

With this 69-Censored series, we aim to raise questions about how sexuality is often seen as a taboo subject, condemned, or censored in our societies. By choosing to censor our own works, we shed light on the fact that the expression of sexuality is often stifled, concealed, and subjected to moral judgment.

The use of “no entry” signs to conceal the intimate parts of photographs prompts reflection on our relationship with sexuality. These signs become symbols of prohibition, highlighting the physical and symbolic boundaries that separate us from the reality of sexual expression, thus erecting an emotional distance.

But what exactly is forbidden? Whether it’s “love,” “freedom,” “pleasure,” “intimacy,” or “tenderness,” they evoke notions of happiness, personal fulfillment, and pleasure… emotions that are often deemed indecent when associated with the intimate. All these words – 69 in total – have been chosen to simply describe the emotions felt or shared at the moment of capturing the image. Thus, they attempt to remind us that sexuality is a natural and essential dimension of the human experience, deserving of celebration rather than repression.

By writing these words by hand, we also express not only a desire to break free from the barriers and conventions surrounding sexuality but also a profound affirmation of our right to fulfilling and authentic sexuality. This deliberate and meaningful manual gesture claims our individual power to define our own standards and live a fully fulfilling sexual life.

This juxtaposition of the forbidden and well-being through liberated sexuality highlights the absurd consequences of censoring the carnal and underscores the need to question the restrictive norms that dictate our relationship with the intimate. We invite you to look beyond the society-imposed censorship and recognize the beauty and value of authentic and free sexual expression.