L'Air,une photo de la collection "Kataclysm_e ou les effets du cataclysme climatique" par Les Chevaliers Photographes.


“Kataclysm_e, Parallel Future,” is situated at the crossroads of the unprecedented and the anticipated, presenting a collection of images from a yet-to-be-determined future, transcending the barriers of time. By exploring the potential consequences of a disaster, with the conviction that a post-cataclysmic renewal will emerge somehow, we invite you to immerse yourself in this visual archive through this series. Captured in abandoned locations, these remnants of the future question our own heritage.

Our goal is to provoke profound reflection on current choices and systems, with the hope of catalyzing positive transformations and paving the way for an alternative future.

Alone and naked, a man wears an oxygen mask and neo-rock goggles, confronting capricious weather. Wandering and bearing witness to the scars of an Earth hostile to humanity, he seems to emerge from the darkness, perhaps even from the future. In this inhospitable environment, he explores everything that has contributed to our decline: our consumer society, our insatiable quest for comfort, our megalomania. Lost in a landscape too vast, enduring the oppressive force of the intense sun, unprotected by crumbling walls, our protagonist oscillates between two worlds, between two states: outside and inside, hot and cold, shadow and light, between an opulent past and a future yet to be built.

As a witness to the degradation of our world, our protagonist embodies the enduring spark of hope, symbolizing a world to be preserved rather than rebuilt, of which each of us becomes the guardian. His explorations encourage us to take action, to be aware of our impact, and to rethink the foundations of our existence. We are convinced that there is still time to change course, make enlightened decisions, and give our planet a chance to heal, preventing these imaginary archives from becoming reality.

For us, each photograph in “Kataclysm_e, Parallel Future” should prompt the viewer to question the lifestyles and individual and collective choices that have led to this critical situation. Our aim is to stimulate awareness, reflection, and action.

We firmly believe in the power of art to bring about change, inspire positive action, and raise awareness. The present is our starting point, an opportunity to shape a different future.