L'Air,une photo de la collection "Kataclysm_e ou les effets du cataclysme climatique" par Les Chevaliers Photographes.


“Kataclysm_e, another world is possible” is a photographic project at the crossroads of photojournalism, surrealism and anticipation. By exploring the consequences of a cataclysm that has already occurred, we question the current norms that risk leading us to such a disaster. Through our photographs taken in abandoned places, remnants of the past, we delve into layers of history and examine our own heritage. Our aim is to provoke deep reflection on the choices and systems in place, in the hope of catalyzing positive transformations and paving the way for an alternative future.

A man, alone, naked, wearing an oxygen mask and neo-rock glasses, confronts unpredictable weather. Wandering and witnessing the scars of a Earth that has become hostile to humanity, they seem to come from nowhere, perhaps even from the future. In this inhospitable environment, they explore our past and everything that has contributed to our decline: our consumer society, our need for comfort, our megalomania.

Amidst this bitter realization and all the mistakes made by humanity, a powerful antagonism emerges. Lost in a landscape too vast for them, enduring the crushing force of an intense sun, unprotected amidst crumbling walls, our protagonist finds themselves between two worlds, between two states: exterior and interior, heat and cold, shadow and light, opulent past and devastated future. All of this reminds us of the fragility and resilience of nature, as well as our responsibility as human beings.

At the heart of this in-between, the present emerges as a decisive moment. It is here, in this palpable tension between the legacy of the past and the possibilities of the future, that the power to transform our reality resides. Our protagonist, witness to the degradation of our world, embodies the persistent spark of hope, of which each of us becomes the custodian. Their exploration urges us to act, to become aware of our impact, and to reimagine the foundations of our existence. We firmly believe that there is still time to change course, to make informed decisions, and to give our planet a chance to heal.

For us, each photograph in “Kataclysm_e, another world is possible” should prompt viewers to question the lifestyles and collective choices that have led to this critical situation. They strive to evoke awareness, reflection, and action.

We firmly believe in the power of art to provoke change, inspire positive actions, and awaken consciousness. The present is our starting point, our opportunity to shape a different future.